For Every Answer, A Good Question

22 03 2008

These are thoughts in their infancy, but I thought I would throw them into this forum, to see if anybody wants to knead the proverbial dough further.  I’ll present them in the form of questions:

– How do bullet-point doctrines and position papers reflect American culture in the 20th century?  Has the rise of postmodernism and the information age created enough of a cultural shift that such doctrinal emanations, while central to the ecclesiastical identity of the Assemblies of God, may actually do more harm than good in the way we communicate with the catholic (universal) church and people outside the Christian faith?

– Are we saved by grace, or by our understanding of how grace works?

– What are the blind spots of this generation of Christians, in other words, what will be our unresolved social problem (i.e., what anti-semitism, slavery of Africans, Civil Rights for past generations) and what is the theological underpinning of that blindness?

– Is postmodernism merely ultramodernism, creating niche markets in a thinly-veiled push for better-satisfied consumers?

It’s the Saturday between the death and resurrection of Jesus, and I think it might prove to be a worthwhile practice to fill that void with humble questions instead of puffed-up certitude (of course, this post bears all the marks of the latter).




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