Pentecost Writing Contest from Jesus Manifesto

26 04 2008

The good peeps over at Jesus Manifesto are holding a writing competition in several categories on the subject of Pentecost.  I already submitted my entry (you’ll see it receive mention in the quote) but apparently they’re still shopping for good writers before tossing me the olive wreath by default :).

We’ve got a number of prizes…but only ONE submission so far. I know most folks will wait until the deadline (which is May 11) looms closer…but we could definitely use some submissions.

Maybe this is just my skewed view on the world, but people who claim to make Pentecost a defining characteristic of their spiritual expression should have a word or two in them on the subject.  If you’re interested in, as of now, LITERALLY going head-to-head with yours truly, then submit your stuff at


First Meet-Up: No Casualties

23 04 2008

I had a delightful time breaking bread and getting to know some of my fellow emerging pentecostal people from around Northern California tonight at our first meet-up.  RevTim was kind enough to record our  conversation for those of us who were there and promises to negotiate fairly with each of you before releasing highly sensitive audio files to the general public (that means you, T.T.)

All kidding aside, it was pretty cool to see ministers get together to talk about philosophy, theology and practice around a table of friendship.  Personally I feel like it was a hit and that there was a good vibe among us.  A whole bunch of ideas that were shared really stuck with me.  Thanks for being a part of it.

If you wanted to join us but had other meetings planned, or were out of the area, there will be other opportunities to get involved in this.  I would love to see local, ongoing conversations emerge out of tonight’s meal.  Please keep the rest of us informed if you’re planning something.  Can’t wait to do this again next year.

Emerging Pentecostal Meet-Up in Sacramento Apr. 22

15 04 2008

Note: This is a Re-Post, making one final push for our upcoming meet-up next week in Sacramento.  If you’re in the area, please try to make it!

Join us Tuesday, April 22 for the first meet-up of Emerging Pentecostals for Northern California and Nevada. We’ll talk about the developing relationship between emerging church and the pentecostal movement, our own stories, and developing a framework for ongoing conversation. Tell your friends and come on down.

Sacramento EP Meet Up (.pdf download-and-print flyer)

Sacramento EP Coloring Page (for the kids)


Emerging Pentecostals NorCal Meet-Up

Sacramento, California

4.22.08 @ 4:55 p.m.

Strings Italian Restaurant, 9500 Micron Ave.

E-Mail RSVP by noon on day-of to:


Just a Thought…

14 04 2008

“Here’s a quote from a Korean leader: ‘When I encounter a Buddhist priest, I meet a holy man. When I meet a Christian leader, I meet a manager.’”

– 50+ year-old Church Administrative Assistant, who is considering stepping down because she’s disillusioned with the way we do church.

[HT = Jesus Manifesto]

John’s Story

9 04 2008

This post is part of a series called “Stories of Emergence.” Tell your story here at Emerging Pentecostal by e-mailing John at jfohara(at)

This may very well be an overstatement, but I think I was emerging when I was lifted out of my mother’s womb. Before I knew the models and forms, before I could differentiate a sense of Self, before I knew the prejudice of preferences I was ever emerging. It was my natural state of being.

I didn’t realize this. It became obscured by the framing introductions of my world view and the limiting characterizations therein. I traded my emergence for identities like Read the rest of this entry »

Jonathan’s Story

5 04 2008

This post is part of a series called “Stories of Emergence.” Tell your story here at Emerging Pentecostal by e-mailing John at jfohara(at)

I passionately want to be involved in the current mission of God in the world. I don’t want to be where God was five years ago. I want to know where his heart is today.

This is a wonderful idea, and I want to be a part of it. Thus, consider this my story of emergence, or of how I came to be involved with both the pentecostal church and what is commonly called the emerging church.

I met Jesus when I was just shy of fifteen years old, and met him through what you could call a dramatic encounter that took place in an Assembly of God church in Salisbury, North Carolina. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a part of the supernatural actions of God in the world. I wanted to be close to him in tangible ways, and I wanted to bring others to be close to him as well.

As my faith developed, I began to do grow in some very specific ways that together have shaped the person I am now, almost ten years later. First, I began to seek out how I, specifically, should serve Jesus with my life. I looked into being a pastor, a missionary to an obscure country, and a number of other things, because I felt strongly that I was called to reach out to people that were far from God. Read the rest of this entry »

Stories of Emergence

4 04 2008

Sitting at the Emeryville Public Market yesterday, I was enjoying some Jamaican Jerk Chicken and conversation with two friends about emergence and common threads of concern about the encroachment of postmodern philosophy in our once-stable world views. Each of us probably represent various degrees of buy-in on the idea that the worldwide church is emerging, and whether this phenomenon is cause for alarm. And while our conversation was filled with all kinds of epistemological acrobatics, I realized, in-between sips of ginger beer and bites of beans and rice, that my affinity with Emergent has much to do with the high value placed on friendship and the context of narrative; and that a conversation about emergence within a pentecostal framework would be helped greatly if we took some time to share our stories of emergence.

So what’s your story? To borrow from the metaphor-rich world of football, what has caused the line of scrimmage to move in your world, and how has that affected the way you play the game? I’d like to reserve the next several posts at Emerging Pentecostal for Stories of Emergence, and invite anybody out there with such a story to send them to me: mp3, streaming video, your own favorite blog post, or just write it out in an e-mail… I’ll post them here as a way of introducing this growing interest group to ourselves.