Stories of Emergence

4 04 2008

Sitting at the Emeryville Public Market yesterday, I was enjoying some Jamaican Jerk Chicken and conversation with two friends about emergence and common threads of concern about the encroachment of postmodern philosophy in our once-stable world views. Each of us probably represent various degrees of buy-in on the idea that the worldwide church is emerging, and whether this phenomenon is cause for alarm. And while our conversation was filled with all kinds of epistemological acrobatics, I realized, in-between sips of ginger beer and bites of beans and rice, that my affinity with Emergent has much to do with the high value placed on friendship and the context of narrative; and that a conversation about emergence within a pentecostal framework would be helped greatly if we took some time to share our stories of emergence.

So what’s your story? To borrow from the metaphor-rich world of football, what has caused the line of scrimmage to move in your world, and how has that affected the way you play the game? I’d like to reserve the next several posts at Emerging Pentecostal for Stories of Emergence, and invite anybody out there with such a story to send them to me: mp3, streaming video, your own favorite blog post, or just write it out in an e-mail… I’ll post them here as a way of introducing this growing interest group to ourselves.




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