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Other emerging networks on the web (from Emergent Village, wonderhub of all things emerging]

  • Luthermergent (Lutheran) — possibly the earliest hybrid group to form; the official name of this group is the “Emerging Leaders Network,” but don’t let the name fool you, they’re Lutherans
  • Methomergent (Methodist) — probably the second oldest group; Jay Voorhees, pastor of Antioch UMC in Nashville was perhaps one of the first, most visible Methomergent voices
  • Presbymergent (Presbyterian) — this group started with Karen Sloan and Adam Walker Cleaveland and has now grown to “a full-fledged community of several hundred ministers, lay-persons, writers, evangelists, youth directors, web-developers, theologians, seminarians, artist-musicians, and more.”
  • Reformergent (Reformed) — this group is somewhat different from the others because it’s “interested in the interaction between Reformed theology and the emerging church movement.” Chris Case is the main man “minding the (occasional) gap.”
  • Submergent (Anabaptist) — this group has a growing list of conspirators, but Mark Van Steenwyk is one of the most prolific
  • Anglimergent (Anglican/Episcopal) — this is “a generous and generative friendship among diverse Anglicans, engaging emerging church and mission”; it is fast approaching 400 members with the “urban abbess” herself, Karen Ward, at the helm (in North America, and Ian Mobsby is the man in the UK and Europe)
  • Convergent (Quaker) — this network includes people from the North America, the UK, and Australia who are trying to “discuss the radical changes within our culture, how that’s affecting our tradition, and how we can follow God’s mission in the world given our postmodern world.”

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